azura is the daedric prince of twilight and prophecy and is one of the few daedra to be considered "benevolent". she represents transition and balance. her plane of oblivion is moonshadow, a realm so beautiful—lush with flowers and roaring waterfalls surrounding a silver city—that mortals that walk its lands are rendered half-blind.


"PROPHECY is her province, and that which is seen by the night sky queen must eventuate, however dimly it may appear to mortal foresight. for mortals are not all given the gift of crystal vision, nor can they always endure knowledge of the truth.

"DAWN is the time of imminence, when azura touches us with wisdom and purpose. it is then we speak the supplication for guidance, and tremble in fear that it may be answered.

"ROSE is her color and her flower, and moonshadow her abode as risen is the sun. tend we then by midday our mortal necessities, conserving always some part of ourselves for when the sun slides low.

"DUSK is when we turn our hands to azura's commands. then we praise her with our dark evening acts, and glorify her with chastening of noncompliance.

"FATE is the book that she writes in to inscribe our worth and deserts. for by our acts do we earn her regard or disdain, and read our destiny in her prophecy."

azura's shrine (eso): deltanemesis1
moon salt: becomingwitchy