iris is the greek goddess of the rainbow
and the winged messenger of the gods. she connects heaven and earth and allows our prayers to be heard, and as such, can be considered a goddess of communication.

"fair-voiced muses, begin to sing of storm-footed iris, messenger of heaven who travels swiftly. oh wondrous one, born of thaumas and elektra, your presence is known when the rainbow graces the heavens with its fleeting colors as you race from olympus to the world of man. quick-running goddess clad in a thousand hues, twin to faint arke, blessed are your golden wings which carry you and the divine messages in your charge! to you, rainbow goddess, hail! be gracious, aellopus and look upon this rite with favor."

painting of iris: howard david johnson
hymn to iris: pain and light
rainbow waterfall at yosemite: mei xu
rainbow braided hair: guy tang
rainbow across yellowstone lake: david grimes